Virtual Artist Lab V mit Sarah Rothberg (30.01.2024)

Online Artist Talk im Virtual Artist Lab V am 30.01.2024, 18–20 Uhr

For our Virtual Artist Lab V we welcome New York based artist Sarah Rothberg for an online talk about virtual encounters, relationships and corporeality. Those topics can be discussed in their variety regarding Rothbergs multi-layered work, which she describes as "playful, poetic, usually-a-bit-weird experiences that invite you to reconsider your relationship to the world around you'. These range from VR/AR to installation, performance, video, writing, workshops and show a deep understanding of technical processes to stage intensive interplays between senses and sensors. In the talk, Sarah Rothberg will present several works focused on virtual encounter and give insights in her working process, followed by an open discussion.

15. Januar 2024
Virtual Artist Lab V - Sarah Rothberg

You can access Sarah Rothberg's LONGING (2021) at the open sessions in the Xtended Room every Tuesday (11am - 2pm) at GB 8|136 or as a download for Android devices at the AR-Nische between GB 8|34 and GB 8|36.

Registration for the online talk via mail: jens.fehrenbacher@rub.de

Das Veranstaltungsformat Virtual Artist Lab des SFB 1567 „Virtuelle Lebenswelten“ wird von den Teilprojekten A03 Virtuelle Environments und C03 Virtuelle Kunst organisiert. In diesem laden wir Künstler*innen ein, die mit ihren künstlerischen Arbeiten und ihrer Praxis an die Themen virtueller Lebenswelten anschließen, um mit ihnen in einen produktiven Austausch zu kommen.