Emotional Speech (05.07.2024)

Workshop with Constant Bonard, Gaku Kutsuzawa, Roman Klinger, Felix Burkhardt, and Jula Lühring

Alongside the exchange of information, emotion expression is an important part of everyday communication. The way emotions are expressed and interpreted differs with the conversational situation and communication medium. Emotions are conveyed by linguistic as well as non-linguistic means, such as facial expressions in face-to-face conversations or emojis in virtual communication. Understanding emotions and their effects, including automatic recognition and interpretation of emotional expressions, is of importance to different fields. The workshop ‘Emotional Speech’ organized by the projects D03 and D04 of the CRC 1587 “Virtual Life Worlds” explores the links between AI, speech forms and affectivity and analyzes emotional language in face-to-face and virtual communication. The workshop will take place on 5 July in the Collaboration Space GB 5|160.

Emotional Speech